Mulford School parents are not shy about saying how much they love our school.  We have stacks of letters from parents describing the positive changes in their children.

Here are just a few examples of what our parents are saying:

“Traditional values are taught at Mulford School.  It is a loving and compassionate environment.  There is a sense of community and family and it is wonderful!  The educational program is perfectly geared to preschoolers.”  A.G. Mulford School Parent of 4 (2007-Present)

“When we started to look for a school for our oldest daughter 3 years ago, we looked at several before we decided to enroll her at Mulford.  We loved the building and we were impressed with the educational programming designed by Mrs. Mulford.  We liked the teachers and their lone tenure and experience”  Z.K.  Mulford School Parent of 3 (2010-Present)

“A teacher myself, the impression of this facility is that it is a top notch, highest quality, a level of educational integrity that I wish existed in every school system.  Children at every age level must learn not only book knowledge, they must have life skills to carry them through their lives.  Confidence, ability, commitment, discipline, self-esteem, respect, team player, decision makers – they are the future that we are relying on!  Give them only the best!  Thanks Mrs. Mulford”

“The staff is very personable.  Mulford School feels like a community.  They teach strong family values and create little citizens.  We love to come and watch the programs throughout the year.”  M. J. Mulford School Parent (2011-Present)

“In just 2 months of Kindergarten my daughter has gone from not reading to reading!”  N.L.  Mulford School Parent (Present)

“The staff is caring.  The school has a wonderful “home” atmosphere.  They offer a variety of activities and the playground is wonderful.  I love the ease of the door-to-door drop off and pick up.”  L.A. Mulford School Parent (Present)

“We appreciate the care and patience all the teachers and staff give our children.  They come home excited and ready to learn.  We have seen huge improvements in learning skills and social behavior.”  K.E.  Mulford School Parent of 2 (2011-Present)

“We love the celebration of holidays and the learning of traditions.  There are a variety of activities.  I love the small classes and teacher/student ratio.  Good conservative values are taught!”  S.R.  Mulford School Parent (2013-Present)

“I love to watch the programs.  There is a good routine and structure for the children.  My daughter loves everything about school.” G.G. Mulford School Parent (2011-Present)

“Mrs. Mulford is truly an example and an inspiration.  I love the beautiful facility and the focus on personal responsibility.”  K.J.  Mulford School Parent of 2 (2011-Present)

“I love the music oriented program and the independence given to children.  The teachers are wonderful and supportive.”  S.H.  Mulford School Parent (2012-Present)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.  Here are some Mulford School parents describing their experiences at The Mulford School. These videos were captured at the Christmas Program in December 2010…