Teaching Method

Provide your child with the very best in Preschool and Pre K education in Virginia.

In 1960, I developed a preschool program for my son that incorporated teaching life skills, with the child’s attention span in mind, in an environment that was positive and fun. The end result was the Mulford Method. The basic premise of the Mulford Method is to teach lifetime skills and learning patterns for preschool children using a positive approach where fun and learning become one. All of the skills taught in the Mulford program are interwoven by using music, art, and drama. Children have the fun and satisfaction of play while building basic learning skills.

Skills such as public speaking, time management, self discipline, listening to and interpreting verbal directions, become part of children who attend Mulford School. Our program also includes fitness and development of the fine and gross motor coordination skills which are so necessary to a child’s well being.

The purpose of this method is to give children an advantage throughout their lives. Mulford School focuses on:

  • Making the child’s first preschool experience positive, happy, and satisfying.
  • Providing companionship and social experiences.
  • Providing equipment and materials appropriate for the child’s developmental skills.
  • Teaching positive lifetime skills and play habits with the attitude that “Learning is fun!” and “I can do anything!”

Through positive reinforcement, the children are encouraged daily to try new tasks. Success builds confidence and a positive attitude toward learning.

“I give your child what I, as an educator, wanted for my child.”

An attitude of “I can do anything!”

-Beverley M. Mulford