Our Wonderful Teachers

Beverley M. Mulford — Director
Beverley M. Mulford has a B.S. Degree in Education from Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee. She completed her graduate work in Child Psychology at Montclair State Teachers College, Montclair, New Jersey. Mrs. Mulford began her teaching career in 1950. Currently, Mrs. Mulford is the Owner-Director of the Mulford School, a preschool in Centreville, Virginia, established in 1960, Owner-Director of the Mulford Day Camp, a summer day camp in Centreville, Virginia, established in 1972. Mrs. Mulford holds a Virginia Professional Teacher’s Certificate and is certified in Gesell Readiness Testing. Mrs. Mulford has taught the Mulford Method for more than 50 years.  She has also taught horseback riding for more than 50 years.

Mary M. Woodward, Assistant Director:
Mary Woodward has been a teacher and Assistant Director at Mulford School for over 35 years teaching the Mulford Method. She attended Business College in Illinois, and Bible College in Washington, DC.  Mrs. Woodward has taught art, games, cooking and music for many years at the Mulford Summer Day Camp.

“Mrs. Mulford has been a profound influence on my life as well as in the lives of the children attending Mulford School. At Mulford School her main goal has been to prepare children to enjoy the learning process by acquiring essential “lifetime skills” which act as building blocks throughout life.”

Bonnie V. Reedy, Art Director:
Mrs. Reedy graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1969 with a B.S. in Elementary education. She began teaching in 1975.  Mrs. Reedy has taught the Mulford Method for over 44 years and she is the Mulford School Art Director.  Mrs. Reedy also taught piano for 15 years.

“I absolutely treasure the art program at Mulford School. I have been teaching art there since 1975. The children learn how to use many different materials, how to follow directions, reinforce finger plays and songs and complete a project. The music taught at Mulford is fun and joyful.”

Mindy Brooks Mulford – Teacher:
Mrs. M has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from George Mason University. She began teaching in the Fairfax County Schools for 6 years.  She began to look for a new preschool for her eldest daughter. She knew that the school she was looking for had to be very special. Mulford Preschool turned out to be the perfect school for her daughter. It was the combination of the atmosphere, the Lifetime Skills that are taught and The Mulford Method that made this school so special. She enjoyed being a helping parent so much that she began training to learn to teach using the Mulford Method.

“I enjoy teaching and working with children and I am excited to be a part of a program that gives children an advantage for a lifetime.”

Sue Blondin – Teacher:
Mrs. Blondin is excited to be teaching again at Mulford School.  She began at the school as a helping parent when she enrolled her son in 1997.  He thrived in the program and loved school so much that they enrolled him 5 days a week.  Her twin daughters followed and during their first year at Mulford School, Mrs. Blondin began training with Mrs. Mulford to teach the Mulford Method.  She began teaching in the fall of 2000 and continued for 5 years.  She returned in 2012 in the same classroom she left.

“I felt like I never left because the same values are being taught every day.  It is such a joy for me to spend the morning with the little ones and watch them grow and develop as they learn important life skills.”

Kim Williams – Teacher:
Mrs. Williams has a degree in communications and consumer studies from Virginia Tech.  She has been teaching at The Mulford School for 15 years.  She loves the focus the school has on each individual child and loves that the children are always engaged in an educational activity.

“After 15 years of working in the “real world”, I realized I wanted to do something that made a difference.  I found that Mulford School teaches children that they are important, what they do matters, and that they are capable of anything.  When my daughter started at Mulford School I never left!”

Mrs. Grace Baik — Teacher:
Mrs. Baik is from Suwon, South Korea and moved to the United States in high school. She has a degree in psychology from George Mason University. She started as a helping parent when her son attended the school in 2015.

“Mulford School taught my son leadership, public speaking, good manners and citizenship. My son loved Mulford School and every teacher in the school. I am very excited to be a part of children’s life journey starting in Mulford School.”

Mrs. Rebecca Eom — Teacher:
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Mrs. Eom went to L’Academie de Cuisine pursuing her passion in cooking. When her two children – Aaron and Clara – attended Mulford School from 2013 through 2016, she found another passion — teaching children. She has been teaching at Mulford since 2017.

“Mulford School has a special meaning to me. The environment for learning, sharing and love can actually be felt here. Children blossom. The teachers are patient and understanding with children who do not know English, and it is awesome to see their English flourish. I am thankful that I found this school for my children. I was so impressed by their growth and development that I wanted to become part of this amazing experience.”

Mrs. Karen Wright — Teacher:
Karen Wright has a BFA in Acting from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and an MFA in Acting/Directing from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She was a professional actor in New York City for 11 years, performing in more than 25 plays, as well as television and film work. She has taught voice/speech and oral interpretation at UMKC and acting for the camera at Youth Film Academy, as well as private voice/speech training for adults. Over the last four years, she has taught horseback riding lessons at the Mulford Riding School and joined the Mulford School as a teaching assistant in 2015.

“As a mother and a teacher, I have been impressed at how adept the Mulford School is at teaching young children. There is so much care and consideration afforded to everything they do. It is a gift to learn, grow and work with this group of fantastic teachers.”

Mrs. Sarah Kelly — Teacher:
Mrs. Kelly teaches in the morning and also teaches the afternoon music class. She wants to spark the love of music in her students.
Sarah studied voice at Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA and George Mason University in Fairfax. She continues to sing in local choral groups in Northern Virginia. She is an experienced Irish Set dancer and has taught Irish Set Dancing. She also plays the flute and piccolo. She has her BA with honors in History from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. She is also a certified paralegal. Sarah has a daughter, a son, and two grandsons.

“I feel very fortunate to be a teacher at the Mulford School. The teachers are joyful and nurturing and extremely gifted. The Mulford Method allows children to grow and thrive, learning not only academic material but also life lessons that they will use throughout their entire lives. It is amazing how well they meet the individual needs of each child.”

Mrs. Maria Childress — Teacher:
Mrs. Childress was born in Guatemala. She taught preschool in Guatemala for five years before coming to the United States.
She is the lead teacher in the afternoon, and assists both Mrs. Blondin and Mrs. Williams in the mornings. She has been teaching at the Mulford School since 2003.

“My two granddaughters attended Mulford School for 3 years. They had such wonderful stories and never stopped talking about it so I had to go see for myself. Once I did, I realized how special it is.”