What Can Your Preschooler Expect on Their First Day of School?

At Mulford School, we are happy and excited about welcoming all of our students back to school! Our school orientation takes place on Tuesday, September 6. The first official day of school is Wednesday, September 7 (for Mon-Wed-Fri and M-F students) and Thursday, September 8 (for Tue-Thur students). This post includes details about what preschoolers can expect on their first day of school.

What can your preschooler expect on their first day of school? Their day will start when a teacher meets them at the car and escorts them to their new classroom. There, they will be shown their assigned hook for their bag and coat, and their seat. We always start our days with a puzzle or play-doh activity. Then they will have playtime, followed by “Listening Time” which is when we learn about calendars, the weather, letters and numbers – all through play and songs. Next it’s time to enjoy the playground, followed by snack, a second “Listening Time,” a story and dismissal. Children staying for lunch then proceed to lunch bunch. Those remaining until 4pm go on to enjoy our afternoon curriculum, which has a focus each day such as science, music or cooking.

Whether it’s your very first day of school, or if you are a returning student, we are looking forward to seeing you! Here are some things to help you get prepared.

  • Bags: Preschoolers and Pre-K students should bring a simple bag tote that can fit on their shoulder. Kindergarten students are invited to use a backpack.
  • Attire: Students should wear simple play clothes that can be managed by them. For example, pants with elastic waists that are easy for them to manage (instead of complicated belts and buttons). Shoes should be tied in a double-bow and no open toes. We have playground time every day so please dress accordingly.
  • Snack: We provide a snack to all students during snack time. Students do not need to pack their own snack.
  • Stickers: If your student comes home donning a sticker, it means they are a Good Listener! Stickers are a special reward for students who show great listening skills during our “listening times”.
  • Teacher assignments: We make all classroom assignments prior to the first day of school. Your child will meet their new teacher at orientation. During our first week, teachers collaborate and will determine if children need to move to different classrooms. At Mulford School, we weigh our classroom assignments based on the needs of the child more heavily than their age number.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up procedures: Please pull-up to the front of the school all the way to the orange cone and remain in the car. A teacher will escort your child into school and see them to their classroom. For pick-up, please pull to the front of the school as well and wait in your vehicle until the teacher brings your child to you.
    • Car Signs: At orientation, you will receive a sign with the name of your child on it in large print and place it on your dashboard. This will help teachers find your car at pickup.
    • Times: Arrival time is 8:50am-9am; Pick-up is 11:50-12pm (half day students); 1:50-2pm (Lunch Bunch students); and 3:50-4pm (full day students)
  • Paperwork: All remaining paperwork must be completed and submitted prior to the first day of school. Please email office@themulfordschool.com with any questions.
  • Lunches: Be sure to pack a healthy lunch – no candy or heavily sugared snacks. Please pack a bottle of water in lieu of juice.

Special Tips for First-Time Preschoolers

Mulford School has 56 years of experience welcoming preschoolers on their very first day of school. We know this can be an overwhelming experience for both new students and parents alike. Here are some tips to help you with the transition.

  • Do a drive by! In the days leading up to school, we welcome you to drive through our parking lot.* Show your child where they will be dropped off, and explain that you will “ say goodbye” in the car and their teacher will bring them to their new classroom.
  • Share teacher information: All Mulford teacher bios are on our website. Show these to your child, so they can begin to think about their new teacher.
  • Be extra positive: All parents know that their child will follow their lead. If you are calm, confident and enthusiastic on the first day of school, your child will be too.
  • Practice calming techniques: Simply taking a deep breath can help a child regain their center when they feel overwhelmed. Practice this technique at home.
  • Remember that it will be a great first day! Did you know that our preschoolers have read the same story and created the same craft on the first day of school for 30+ years? That’s right – we haven’t changed our first day activities because they focus our students and giving them a great first day experience! Be sure to ask your child about how they made their candy airplane when they get home!

Please refer to our August newsletter  and emails from the school office for details about the school calendar, needed paperwork, and school guidelines. Please email us with any questions about the first day. We look forward to seeing you!

* We kindly request that you drive through our parking lot only and do not exit your vehicle. We are busy getting ready for school to start, and we share our parking lot with students of our riding school through the summer.


August 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  Below is a link to our summer newsletter.  It contains important dates and information for the school year!        August 2016