Afternoon Activities

The Mulford School is a wonderful preschool. But our programs go beyond the classroom. After school we have a variety of classes and programs to help enrich your child. Some of our programs include:

Outside Fitness Activities – The Mulford School is situated on 15 wooded acres in Centreville, VA. Children find adventure and are challenged on their daily trips to the playground. This is a playground like no other — it has many swing-sets, slides, playhouses, a wooden train, sandboxes, a grassy area to play soccer and kickball and a large biking area.

Afternoon Program

Our afternoon classes offer a variety of opportunities for our children. They learn to work independently as well as with others in a group setting. This is a successful teaching strategy in which small teams, each with students of different ability levels, use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a concept. This is part of our regular afternoon program.

Science Class
Our hands on science class works on measurement, prediction, experimenting, observation, sorting, classifying, problem solving and communication.

Cooking Class
Our themed cooking offers an opportunity to create and experience new foods. We work on many things in cooking class including measuring, math, communication, observation and fine motor skills.

Music Class
Our music class teaches a range of skills. These include learning notes, learning new rhythms and following directions. We teach all types of music including Beethoven!

Art Class
All art classes reinforce finger plays, songs and seasons. Children are taught how to use a variety of materials. One art projectcan teach many things: color, shapes, texture, directions etc.

Pony Class Fall and Spring
Pony classes teach children how to mount and dismount. Children also learn safety rules, tack vocabulary, parts of pony bodies etc.

These classes work on fine motor skills, following directions, and encouraging creativity.

Fun & Fitness and Games
Teaches gross motor skills, following directions, team work, and good sportsmanship. We have ball games, hula hoop games, indoor obstacle course, just to name a few of our exciting activities.

Yoga Class
Yoga promotes strength, flexibility, and coordination. We work on this through games, activities, music and breathing exercises.