Easter Egg Coloring/Hunt Information!

As we approach the Easter holiday, we will having Easter egg coloring and an egg hunt for all the students. It is always great fun! Here is the information you’ll need, including some important dates:

Easter Egg Coloring

T-TH, M-F & K – Tuesday, April 12th
M-W-F, M-F & K – Wednesday, April 13th

Please send 6 white hard-boiled eggs to be colored by children at school.  Send 6 plastic eggs to be filled at school.  These will be used in the Easter Egg Hunt.  Please send the 6 hard-boiled eggs and 6 plastic eggs to school in an egg carton. Find information about how to hard boil eggs here.

Easter Egg Hunt

T-TH, M-F & K – Thursday, April 14th
M-W-F, M-F & K – Friday, April 15th

Please send a deep basket with your child to school to be used in the Hunt.  Please put your child’s name on the basket!

We’ll be posting the Mulford School Calendar for the rest of the year soon, so please check back in a couple days…


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